13:00 - 15:00

Performance Workshop

with Murat Adash


Within and Without

16:00 - 16:30

DIY Art Show Workshop

1 Feb

13:00 - 15:00 (GMT)

Performance Workshop with Murat Adash. / Being-With: Within and Without

@Teams Meeting Room 1

In this workshop, participants will be guided through somatic inquiry and improvised ritual to set in motion individual and collaborative world-making processes: utilizing presence, contemplation, awareness, imagination and altered states of being to bring forth both personal as well as collective instances of insight, recognition, perspective and transformation. Through a set of performative exercises, participants will move into their senses by practicing grounding, self-observation and attention to one’s surroundings. By attuning to the subtle, felt, invisible and imaginary space within, participants will have the opportunity to share and carry outwards an intention for individual or collective healing.

Murat Adash

*Note: Participants will engage in simple movement and vocal exercises, as well as engage with the others in pairs via break-out rooms and the whole group. This workshop is open to anybody regardless of practice, no prior movement or ritual experience required at all. However, willingness to participate and engage with each other is key and it would be wonderful if participants could, if possible, leave their cameras on throughout the workshop. 


*How to prepare: Set up a comfortable space in which you can freely move and meditate for the duration of the session. Ideally connect to Teams via (bluetooth) headphones or a speaker, as you will need to hear instructions while you move in your space. Dress comfortably and warmly. Have paper and pen, and if you wish, drawing materials ready. Have a bowl of water and a dish of salt ready as well. If you feel inclined, set up a small altar for yourself that could contain stones, rocks, images, text, (natural) objects, candles, or any personal items that carry meaning for you. If you have any musical instruments, feel free to keep them handy too.

16:00 - 16:30 (GMT)

DIY Art Show Workshop

@Teams Meeting Room 2

An activity created in the midst of the London lockdown with the aim to bring people together in a time of uncertainty. The original show happened in April 2020 and had an incredible positive impact on the streets morale. For the second event the instructions of how to do a DIY Art Show were shared and multiple streets around the world got involved on the same day. Please attend a short 30 minute briefing of the activity so you can create or prepare your own work for the DIY Art Show on Saturday 6th Feb.

Share your work on the day so those in other locations can see your work: @vickieamiralis

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