In the epoch of my existence, I travel home in search of conscious healing.

The road is long, and I am unsure if I am moving forward or back.

The world is standing still and yet flying by.

I yearn to understand the otherness of myself and how it differs from the otherness of my surroundings. This place is unfamiliar in its familiarity and yet I cannot find it in myself to be frightened.

I know I have friends in this otherness.

They will bring me to betterment and help this unfamiliar familiarity to settle upon my bones like a second skin.

Each part of them becomes a part of me and I learn in this epoch.

I travel towards this heterotopia and find myself in the warmth of domesticity with an awareness unlike one I’ve known before.

I can find myself as I find the others.

They help me know who I am.

They help me begin to heal.

I have found my home amongst the intense, the incompatible, the contradictory.

A mirror has been held to my face, a reflection I no longer recognize from a world I once knew.

I upset what is outside.

I cannot bring myself to care.

I am home.

Text by Kristen Donoghue-Stanford

© 2021 by MAFA Hub 

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